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About Hospitality Design

Hospitality Design
(HD) has been the industry’s premier publication for 36 years. Delivering content to 52,000 active design professionals and decision makers, 25,000 print and more than 30,000 digital subscribers, it is also the most influential.

The Preferred Choice
    •    78% of subscribers say HD does the BEST job in covering design in hospitality.
         The next closest publication received 14% of the preferred vote. 

Active, Not Passive
    •   67% of readers expect their company's project activity to increase in the next 12 months.
    •   61% expect purchasing to increase from this year to next year.
    •   52% work on more than 6 projects in a two year period.   
    •   HD publishes more hospitality projects than all other hospitality publications combined.

Opportunity Knocks for HD Advertisers
   •    59% use HD to research products. 
   •    54% said they have purchased/specified advertisers' products in the past year. 
   •    53% contacted advertiser sales representatives directly, which translates to highly qualified leads.

Long-Term Relationships with HD
    •   55% of HD readers have received the publication for six years or longer.

Market Penetration
    •   72% of HD subscribers indicate that two or more people read their copy of the publication. 

    •   Total audience average of 70,000+

Digital Leader
    •    Digital traffic averages 20,745 unique visitors per month and more than 77,000 page views.
    •    HD Now (weekly) and HD Product Alert (bi-weekly) newsletters are delivered to approximately 30,000 opt-in subscribers.

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